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Jacob van de Kerkhoven

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(Flemish, 1637-1712)

Nature morte with Boar's Head, Roemers, Game birds and Sparrowhawk on a Draped Table, unsigned, oil on oak panel, 21-5/8 x 34-7/8 in. (53.34 x 86.36 cm.); modern ripple molding frame, 27-7/8 x 40-3/4 x 3 in.

Provenance: Property from a Historic South Carolina Plantation

Note: Brunk Auctions would like to thank the RKD for the attribution from Frans Snijders to Jacob van de Kerkhoven. This painting will be included on the RKD database with the new attribution (Link:  https://rkd.nl/images/310740)

General Director of the RKD, prof. dr. Chris Stolwijk and Sabine van Beek state,"Your painting is represented in our visual documentation with the following information: the painting was auctioned on 14 October 1964 by Kunsthaus am Museum, Carola van Ham in Cologne under number 1398 for 10,000 marks as Frans Snyders (1579-1657). The cardboard in our collection bears additions by Dr Fred G. Meijer. In June 1984, he suggested a possible attribution to Jacques [Jacob] van de Kerckhoven (1637-1712). See for example this painting (the one with the boar's head) auctioned by Im Kinsy on 28 November 2023. The white brushstrokes on the boar's head are very similar to yours, as is the way in which the asparagus is depicted. The fur of the dead bird on the table is similar to that of the bird in the basket above. In this painting by Van de Kerckhoven we see comparable white lines around the feathers of the dead bird at the top left, as in your painting with the bird at the bottom right. Another similarity is that Van de Kerckhoven used a lot of pumpkins and melons in his work, just like in your painting.
See: https://rkd.nl/images/262921 and https://rkd.nl/images/117492.


panel with convexity, horizontal splits with retouch and repair, other areas of retouch; frame with abrasions

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Property from a Historic South Carolina Plantation

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